“It’s safe to relax NOW”

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this before, because it’s kind of strange and a little bit embarrassing…

But, something that’s been an incredibly powerful tool for me in this journey towards a healthier self is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as “tapping”. Now, the whole thing seems completely ridiculous, I think so too… Except it works. Da Brains went to a conference on EFT sometime last year. She said she went because she needed the seminar hours, but thought it seemed stupid. In the conference paperwork, the attendees were instructed to bring something simple to work on, like a food craving. So DB’s craving was chocolate. She told me that taping through the chocolate craving brought up experiences from her childhood, and she ended up crying, and hadn’t craved chocolate since. So, I made fun of her a lot, but agreed to try at home. Honestly, the only reason I did it was to laugh at her.

Except, I’ll be darned, it worked.

I’m not even very good at tapping through emotions. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I just do the first part “even though I’m ________________ right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Then I just go through the points without words, and it still helps.

This week, Da Brains and I are participating in the Tapping World Summit, with two hours of on-line lecture every night. Last nights Red Room lecture was “Weight Loss and Body Confidence” the title made me a little nervous and the MV was singing with joy. It ended up being extremely helpful though.

The presenter, Jessica Ortner, first talked about the pattern of panic that people experience when it comes to food. She struggled for years with binge eating and discussed the level of panic and anxiety that surrounded eating… Something I can totally relate to. In her tap-a-long she said “it’s safe to relax now.” And when I did it, I felt an instant release, it was amazing.

Last night, I sat in on a bible study class at church. I have done this a few other times and enjoyed it. The discussion last night, however, made me extremely uncomfortable. I started to panic as I read through the discussion points. Lucky for me, they turned the lights off to show a video clip. I took advantage of the darkness and tapped on it– I don’t think anyone even noticed, except maybe the Bishopzin, because she was sitting next to me… But she already knows I’m weird, so it’s ok.

The person leading the study group talked about having a 30 second “pitch” about being Christian, which, obviously, does not pertain to me. But he was talking about how to be convincing, without being long winded, preachy, or too “out there.” I think I could stand to have a 30 second “pitch” on EFT. It works. It’s immediate. It’s easy to learn. And it’s applicable to anything. I want to tell people about it, but I can’t figure out how without sounding like a crazy person.


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