My friend’s baby died this morning. I want to take it to the hot room to process, but I’m working.

I haven’t practiced in over a week and I’m falling apart.

I had a lovely dinner with awesome friends… Ok well I watched my awesome friends eat a lovely dinner. It was still nice.

I am exhausted. I worked a lot of days this week. I have the little girl all day tomorrow.

Sunday I’m supposed to start a new family. The mom made me extremely uncomfortable when we met last week, and I’ve been trying to find a polite way out of it. Now I’m afraid it’s too late. It would be in poor taste to cancel on Saturday for Sunday, and once I go… There will be a kid involved. Tonight’s EFT lecture was on anxiety and escaping the cycle of avoidance. Maybe I can tap on this…. Hmmm.

The little girl I’ve been watching is really cute. They told me yesterday that she will have a brother in August! They also asked to add days next week, so I guess they think it’s going well enough.


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