Summer Camp!

So, I’ve pretty much made up my mind, and I am going to go work at summer camp if they offer me a job (which I am almost certain they will).

I am scared about eating at camp. This is not a new problem, it’s been there since I was a camper. Camp dining halls are loud, crowded, I have very little control over the food, and there is an exact amount of time allocated for each meal; all of which are stressful. The increased stress directly translates to an increased need to ritualize, which makes my issues with food even more pronounced.

This summer there is a grades 2-4 session about mermaids, a 6-8th grade session on body image, and a program for 9-12th grade on healthy eating. I’m excited about those, plus there are a bunch of aquatic programs.

When we met, she asked if I’d rather be Program Director or Waterfront Director. I said either one, but I am secretly hoping for Program Director, so I can try all of the cool sessions!


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