That’s the temperature here today (sorry, Millie, I’m Celsius impaired, but I’m sure it’s Googleable).

It’s been quite a day! Steno #1 disappeared. As a refresher, she’s the one who called me fat last semester, and instigated that very awkward conversation about anorexia this semester. But the whole time, her boss kept emailing that she loved working with me. We exchanged several friendly emails over the past few weeks and had a lovely chat upon running into each other at Panera last weekend.

Then all of a sudden I get an email from her boss “steno #2 is taking over for the rest of the semester.” It’s fine, I like her and all… I just feel like I’ve done something wrong to chase #1 away, and I wish I knew what. She didn’t even email me or anything.

Today, during class, we watched Supersize Me I put my head down and covered my eyes for the part where he pukes. Naturally, doing so sent my poor teacher into panic mode, and she kept telling me it was ok to leave. Then telling me she’d rather I leave. Meanwhile, steno #2 alternated between watching in bewilderment and typing “what do you want me to do?” Over and over on her screen. So I typed on my screen “it’s really ok, I just didn’t want to watch the guy barf.” She agreed that it was gross, and asked why it turned into such an issue… so I told her too. *shrug* what have I got to lose at this point. She said “oh. That makes sense.” and let it go. Then we all went back to watching the movie.

After class, I was going to stay and work in the library, today is my only day without kids and I have just two assignments left for my online class.

But, I was kind of wound up from the whole movie fiasco, and the weather was incredible… So I decided to go home and do my assignments out on the sun deck. While I was working, the woman whose house we’re staying at came outside and talked to me for a little bit about the amazing weather, then said if I got too hot working outside, I should jump in the pool.


It turns out, their pool is not only gorgeous, it’s also magical! She said “just tap that button on the ground to turn the current on and you can swim in place.” WHOA! Suddenly swimming just got a whole lot more interesting, pool workout with no flip-turns? I couldn’t resist. I changed clothes, grabbed my heart rate monitor, hit the magic button and got to work. It was freaking amazing!!! I swam for 30 minutes, and spent 29.5 minutes in zone, which is fantastic. Plus, it forced me to really focus on what I was doing. I have been swimming laps since I was 4. I can definitely jump into a pool and bust out some serious yardage quite mindlessly. Not in there! I quickly discovered that precision is key, when swimming in a “treadmill” too fast and you end up with a face full of wall, too slow and suddenly you’re moving backwards, poor alignment/body roll/breathing technique are all it takes to quickly smack the sides.

It felt SO good to just SWIM and only focus on swimming. I love, Love, LOVE being underwater!

PS- I’m sorry if it’s snowing where you live.


2 thoughts on “88*

  1. Oh the weather here is sooo nasty right now! I have to say, I would not want to look at the barf scenes either. I’ve seen the film. I know what you are referring to. I turn my head. It’s no big deal if some of us don’t want to watch someone throw up!

    • She is a little bit over protective. It’s obvious she really understands how eating disorders work. It might just be from years working as a personal trainer. But given her behavior, I suspect it’s more personal than that. I’ve also noticed her wearing a few accessories that seem a little bit disordered.

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