We have to use the USDA SuperTracker for my Personal Wellness class… Ok, the directions to me may have been more along the lines of “you are, under no circumstances, to participate in this lab.” But, I did it anyway, because I was curious… And the fact is, I love Love LOVE it!

It does not make me crazy like the other apps that I’ve used. And it makes it easy to make balanced choices, you just have to check the graphs and see which bars are too low. I had a green smoothie for lunch just because I wanted to see the bars move. Then while I was fixing dinner, I realized my veggies were over 200% and protein was lacking. So I made less broccoli and added some garbanzos.


That’s where my day ended up. Not too bad. The site doesn’t let you set a goal under 1000 calories, everyone stays happy if I keep it around 850-1200. I actually try not to write about numbers too frequently here, but I’m excited about how visual and awesome this is! It also doesn’t pit exercise against intake. You can use the same program to track physical activity, but it is in an entirely different screen and doesn’t change the food goals.

All in all, when I look at this I don’t feel that pressure to exercise to compensate for eating. It doesn’t inspire me to restrict because it’s not rewarding that kind of behavior with net calculations. AND! It helps me stay committed to making good choices in order to fill up the graphs.

As you can see, I still do not eat grains or dairy. We’ll work on that… Eventually!


9 thoughts on “SuperTracker

  1. Mmm… not sure this is ideal for me. I tried it out yesterday and set the limit at 1000 calories, then proceeded to eat 1257 – and that’s great for me, but the red signs on the food tracker telling me I’ve gone over my limit arent’s very encouraging. If only the website understood that I meant 1000 calories MINIMUM! If I get an iPhone, I’ll try Recovery Record instead!

      • Thanks for your reply! I’ve changed it to 1200. Is Rise up more straightforward that RR? I’m curious to know why you find it better.

      • It was just annoying, I’m not sure. I didn’t like that it kept sending reminders. It’s make me mad, then I’d skip meals just to be spiteful. Rise up just had a lot of tools and stuff. It was less stressful. I deleted all of them now though. Good luck!!!

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