Oh My Gosh! Down time! My online class is finished and I don’t have to baby-sit for another 2 hours!

We finished Supersize Me today and had a discussion about healthy eating. I really feel so much safer and more relaxed with the new stenographer in there. She seems really interested in the class content and not judgmental towards me at all. After class, we were talking about the movie and food cravings and caffeine/sugar addiction. So I told her about EFT… And she didn’t laugh at me! She actually seemed totally interested and said she wanted to find out more.

Last night was the last day of the seminar. I wish I could keep all of those lectures forever. They were so helpful, inspiring, and informative.

Last night, they interviewed Dr. Erin Shannon, who is basically the head psychiatrist to the NFL, MLB, WNBA… And some more ball-sport acronyms that I’ve now forgotten. After 10 days of listening, she really had the most compelling argument for tapping.

She was a very very medically focused practitioner and thought tapping was ridiculous, and set out to prove it using her science-y, analytical training. When clients came in she told them “we are just going to spend 5 minutes doing this crazy thing for my own personal curiosity, then we’ll get down to business.” She talked about the fear she felt doing it, like she could be jeopardizing her reputation in trying something so strange.


Her crazy experiment yielded a 100% success rate! Clients were returning and asking to do more tapping, and people were contacting her because they’d heard about tapping and wanted to try too.

Now, she travels with professional sports teams and will soon be the subject of a new documentary called “The Warrior Whisperer”.


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