Making Eggs

I have blogged many times about making eggs with my dad. I wrote a paper about it last month too.

My mom was taking classes at night, and although he eventually became an excellent cook, it wasn’t initially my dad’s strong suit. We mostly ate Publix chicken and A LOT of eggs.

Probably my earliest memories are making eggs with dad. It was our special time together.

Today, I was having a hard day; my schedule with the little girl’s family got all mixed up. We decided yesterday to go swimming at the Y today, then I’d put her down for a nap and be done for the day. So I didn’t bring lunch, or a change of clothes.

Except, her dad forgot to come down and get us. But, he still wanted to swim.

AND he wanted to take a run while she was napping. So, obviously, I couldn’t leave too.

We swam when she woke up. Then I ran, soaked and starving, straight to pick up the little boy.

He was in a different room, and still asleep when I got there. He was completely disoriented and confused when we woke him up. By the time we got back to his house, he’d fallen asleep again!

I let him relax and take his time waking up with a DVD, before trying to play. He is the sweetest, most loving little kid I have ever met, but having an off day.

He walked into the kitchen and wanted to read the cookbooks (he’s also a brilliant bibliophile). Then he saw the mixer and wanted to make cookies. I told him we weren’t going to start making cookies 10 minutes before dinner, but we can next week while we are together all day for spring break. He cried.

It was totally automatic. I picked him up and said “Let’s make eggs.” He was SO amazed by the egg as it came out of the shell, we had to crack a second one! We talked and laughed while he helped me mix the egg up. I held and cuddled him as we used the spatula to cook his dinner together. He ate the whole thing!

It was wonderful and sweet… No doubt the highlight of my week.


5 thoughts on “Making Eggs

  1. You’re awesome with kids ^_^
    I have fun memories as a kid making cakes with my dad (his mum was a wedding cake maker so he was kick-ass at cake) so I totally know the feeling 🙂

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