My day…

Today has been… An adventure!

Late last night, a friend invited me over to study. I said “sure”.

Then 20 minutes later she said “I’m making dinner.” And I pretty much flipped out.

Why? I eat dinner now. I know all of the people she had invited. She wasn’t making anything terrifying. But I decided to fall apart anyway.

I blasted off the red flags, and everyone was kind of shocked. Actually, I think they thought I was kidding. This is something I am very capable of these days. Except, I wasn’t being a drama queen. I was really that upset.

Da Brains started to do what she always does. It’s almost silly, at this point, to even bother arguing with each other. It’s totally scripted. She knows how to push my buttons, and I know she’s right.

Except, today, we squared off, then she said “you’re right. Don’t go.”

WHAT!? I had permission to act like a disordered spazz!? Meh, seemed like reason enough to me. I decided to go.


My family was 2 hours late picking up their kid, and I missed the whole thing anyway! Go figure.

So. I headed home to self-entertain…


Forget the whole “dinner ‘n a movie” thing. I had me “movie n’ a bubble bath”

PS- it just now occurred to me. I was having issues with not with dinner, but the fact that I felt blindsided. I committed AND THEN she mentioned dinner. I felt trapped.


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