The guy I’m working for is so, just… Incredible sometimes.

Today, I told him 4 times we were making cookies because I’m about to lose my freaking mind with all this rain.

He had me pick out a tie for him today. Then left for 4 hours.

We made the cookies, but after 3 hours waiting for the oven to preheat it still only said 170, I gave up and turned it off. When he got home, I asked if it always took so long to heat up, and he have me this shocked look “you got the oven to turn on!? We’ve lived here since December and it hasn’t ever worked! I should really order a new one.”

I had used a banana instead of the egg, so I shrugged and put the pan in the freezer and said “I guess they just became no-bake cookies.” I swear he must think I just fell off some strange planet, banana-eggs, freezer cookies, sensory play…

I let the baby feed herself yogurt today. Well, I fed her for a while, to make sure some actually got in. Then we did hand over hand for a few tries. Next, I let go of the spoon and just held the bowl steady, before letting her take over completely.


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