Making ME time in a busy week

This week’s been kinda intense. I’m on Spring Break, and had 8-10 hour days scheduled all 6 days, with a weekend getaway planned. It wasn’t entirely self indulgent, NEDA event Saturday morning, and camp meeting Sunday afternoon, it’s almost 2 hours from where I live, and we’ve well established that I loathe driving. So I figured, with all the hours on the schedule, I’d be able to make a weekend of it.

Except, one family ran into a legit crisis, and I only worked about half as much as planned. The other family actually ended up using a few extra hours, but not enough to fully compensate.

I wasn’t going to go; money, eating, communicating, driving, new area, Da Brains and Bishopzin both out of communication, the former being completely out of the country for TWO WEEKS! We said our good-byes this afternoon.

I had made a note on my registration form… Crowds, weather, new people, all make listening harder, and I don’t like making people mad. Well, this evening, the event organizer emailed me… One of the people helping her signs, and will be at the check in table… No worries.

It also means, no escaping now. I have to go. I picked up a small cooler, and some portable safe foods today. There is a Trader Joe’s where we are going, and my favorite Super Cuz keeps telling me I MUST experience it. I’ll surely be able to find things I can eat there. The Bishopzin has a local person for emergency support if needed. I’ll be able to make it work, just not as easily as expected.

I’m worn out from the busy week, nervous out about traveling, and can see some high stress indicators creeping in– nothing dangerous, and it’s ok to encounter all emotions, even for completely healthy folks. So, I’m determined to go, and be successful, AND have fun…

… Even if I do grind my teeth non-stop until it’s over.


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