Back to Reality!

Tomorrow, I go back to class… YIKES!
I had a busy spring break with lots of working, followed by an entire week’s worth of fun and excitement crammed into the past two days.

Tomorrow is the last of the scary chapters in my wellness class. It’s on weight control and eating disorders. I’m kind of nervous, especially because DB is out of the country, and she always texts me halfway through class, then we chat immediately after. But, we already went through the chapter together, and all of my assignments are done. So it should be OK!

Today, I had the second camp interview. I think it went pretty well. We met at Panera, but didn’t eat. I was totally fine with that! She said she was looking at putting me as the assistant waterfront director or assistant program director…. I was under the impression I was being considered for the program director, or water front director. So, it was kind of a let down when she didn’t seem that interested. I feel like my background, age and experience are difficult to beat for either director position. It makes me think they are afraid of my hearing loss. She also told me that neither of those positions are considered “admin staff” so I would be sleeping in a unit. Unit staff sleep 4 to a platform tent. There wouldn’t be any way to have Avery with me in a unit. Last time I worked at that camp, I was the assistant waterfront director, and slept with the other directors in the air conditioned office. The office would work fine with Avery.

Anyway. She seemed nice enough, and someone I could easily work with. But I was hoping that the massive amount of experience I bring to the table would be obvious and valued. I also need to have Avery… AND keep her safe. The meeting left me with some significant doubts…

Followed immediately by substantial panic. I can’t take summer classes. I have a place to live for the rest of the semester. The friend I’d discussed living with just finally moved and won’t be interested in moving again. I have income, but not the kind that will lend well to renting. Besides, I can’t keep baby-sitting if I have to move home.


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