Amazing people

I think I am slowly falling in love with the strange, yet oddly wonderful family of the little girl I’ve been watching. Sometime last week, he figured out that I LOVE baby tomatoes, and has had a big bowl of them on the counter every day since. The little girl is now a committed baby tomato lover too.

Today, he was hanging out with us for a while talking about school and stuff. We are a lot alike! He is super hyperactive, on stims his whole life, went to a similar type school with more creative and project based learning, tried the whole corporate thing, hated it and was largely unsuccessful. He has a masters degree in music because he couldn’t stand the thought of persuing a degree in anything that didn’t move him even though he knew going in it would be useless. He said there were times he was so hungry and broke that he’d sneak into the professors’ offices at UM at night to raid the fridges. That it wasn’t until he figured out how to do his own thing that it all really clicked for him. They own 3 houses on the water, pays me to watch him play video games for hours on end while the baby sleeps, or calls me on a weekend to come over for a few house so he can take a nap, and only works 10 months out if the year.

He was so sweet and encouraging this afternoon, telling me it’s ok not to do the 9-5 thing. He was like “don’t worry about camp jobs being hard to find, just start your own camp. But you CAN NOT do the whole desk job thing, you are too unusual. Every time I come down here, you are cooking and dancing with my kid or planking and squatting with her on your back. You never seem mad or distant, that’s special. There are so many kids who need you!” Then he, on the spot, came up with this whole detailed plan on how to start my own camp. Such a huge contrast from the interview last weekend.

It was sweet. We are taking her to the zoo this weekend.


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