Geeked Out

Guess what I found while running!!!20140330-010526.jpg

It’s right on the street where I work!! I promptly texted it to my sister, who also freaked out!

I asked the guy I work for and he said it is definitely the same L’Engle. There was a lot going on and I couldn’t get more info right then. But is friends with everyone on the street. It’s an interesting part of town with lots of old houses, most of the ones on the street have been moved from elsewhere.

While I was looking for more info about the house and her ties to my area (there’s not much!), I came across a blog with photos of (I think) the same house in a different part of town. I will take pictures of the actual house tomorrow and compare.

Carm gave me contact info for a friend of hers who is big into the history of the area and “loves to play show n’ tell”. I sent him an email asking if he knew anything, and I’ll ask my boss more while we’re driving to the zoo in the morning.

The front of the house. It’s not the same.

I also talked to my boss. He didn’t seem to know much other than the house was some how connected to an author he’d never heard of.


Here’s what Dr. Wood said:


Anyway, it’s still the coolest, nerdiest, most awesome thing I’ve run past in a while.

Madeline L’Engle is one of my all time favorite authors. My sister and I had an entire bookshelf just for her in our room. She also wrote about my grandfather in one of her books.


5 thoughts on “Geeked Out

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  2. This is good informatin! It doesn’t matter if it’s not the same house I was looking for, because it’s still related to the L’Engles, which I find very interesting. Thank you.

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