The past day has been filled with all kinds of unexpected twists and turns, both good and meh.

The family with the 3 and 10 year olds asked if I could come watch them last minute last night. As always, we had a blast. After I put the little one to bed, the older one tried to explain Minecraft to me. I’m still not sure I totally get it– virtual Legos meets The Sims with a “party line”? Regardless, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much either.

I got home around 1am, then Avery wanted to pee at 7 and I was up for the day.

The little girl’s family texted around 3, and invited me over for a cookout. Right before they got ready to eat the mom asked what I ate and the dad came up and was like “she’s vegan, but she doesn’t eat that much anyway. She likes those tomatoes.” I echoed the same thing. But she made me a HUGE salad anyway. Then sent me to the dining room to eat it, while everyone else ate in the kitchen.

I pretty much freaked out.

As a kid I would be left to spend never ending hours alone at the table until I ate (or barfed). It felt just like that and created an instant sense of utter panic. I’m not a big fan of light green lettuce, and don’t think I have ever eaten so much food all at once. It was seriously the worlds biggest salad. I thought I was going to die, but couldn’t see a way around it. I felt like my little kid self, trapped until I ate it. There were too many people around to entertain any alternative options. Plus, the men were ALL in the bathroom together trying to hang a mirror.

I cried, pushed things around, and emailed DB… But 90 minutes later, I finally got the job done!

I ended up having a really great time. The mom said losing their other sitter “ended up being a blessing” because of me, and asked if I’d keep both kids when the baby comes in August.

Tomorrow, we are taking her to the zoo.


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