The whole thing

Today has been a pretty great day!

* Avery is allowed to go to camp with me.

* I always, always, always forget to pick up my prescriptions, and make appointments until it’s too late. I proactively took care of both today.

* The tech was able to put in some code and saved me $40 at the pharmacy.

* My personal wellness class finished 45 minutes early, so she made it a “workout day” everyone either had to go to the campus fitness center or go up and down the stairs with their books for 30 minutes. I asked if I could go home to swim instead and she said yes.

* I really did go swimming and it was lovely!

* I dropped my debit card in Wal-mart, now this is shocking to most folks, but deaf people can’t hear when stuff fall out of a pocket! Someone turned it in.

* The amazingly nice family I’ve been living with asked me to help drive their kids somewhere and I am so happy they felt comfortable asking and to finally be able to so something for them!

* While we were talking, I mentioned that I hadn’t forgotten that we agreed that this was just for the semester, and was looking for a place to go. She said we can stay as long as I feel comfortable!

* I are a whole avocado. All of it.


One thought on “The whole thing

  1. I totally get the part about things falling out of pockets and not hearing them. Or falling anywhere. I get surprised by things on the floor of my apartment sometimes. “How did THAT get there??” I’m glad that quant happened with my debit card in a Walmart, I’d feel so anxious.

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