Cheaters make me SO angry!

I am so mad right now!

The group due to present this morning in my class simply wasn’t prepared. They were just like “uhhhh, we aren’t ready.” So the teacher was just like, “Oh Ok. I’ll just rearrange.” No stipulation about points off or anything. Why should they get the same score as me, when I was prepared on time?

She decided to do the 1 mile walk test, reassessment today instead. I did poorly on this one at the start of the semester and have been working hard ever since to improve my score.

I was just robbed two weeks of training because my classmates were irresponsible!


Everyone cheated.

The group in the front ran any sections that the teacher couldn’t see from where she was sitting. The group in the back cut all the corners. Then, in the very lap they skipped an section, got right in front of me and said “come on. We can’t let her scrawny little ass beat us!” They are both on the basketball team and TALL. I kept up with them the whole way, they just got meaner and meaner sticking their arms out and stuff trying to push me back. Then they ran the last 20 feet or so, and I ran with them because… Well, I just couldn’t let them beat me.

When we were done the teacher showered them with all kinds of praise for “catching up” and I cried the whole way home.

It sucks. I did my project on time. I worked out this morning. I was preparing for the reassessment. I didn’t cut corners. I didn’t make fun of anyone or try to push them back. I encouraged the people I passed and genuinely gave it my best, and came in near the end because others didn’t play by the rules.

I’ve never done anything unkind to those girls. I gone understand why they needed to do that to me.


5 thoughts on “Cheaters make me SO angry!

  1. MOST people are assholes!!! Forget them! You know in your heart you were the winner! Stay on the track you’ve been on. It’s going to pay off!!!

      • I like to think so too, but it seems we’re getting out numbered. People are so busy trying to survive, be it legal or not, they forget it’s not all about them.
        As far as thinking you should be better or nicer, most bully victims have probably thought that too! I say that because, that’s what that group of (ladies) sound like!
        You did it. Be proud of yourself!

  2. Forget those people. They’re inconsiderate and don’t are about the walk test. You should be proud for standing your ground and completing the test as assigned!!

    • I don’t though. 😦
      I just feel guilty for running the last bit with them, like it was cheating.
      And I feel like I should be better or nicer, so people don’t want to shove me or call me names.

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