I’m in New Jersey, about to head to New York City BY MY SELF!

Friday morning I was talking to a very deal long time friend… She’s the kind of person you just know some greater power put us here to take care of each other in a special way. We have shared A LOT. But we haven’t really caught up in a long time.

She was telling me about the last time she and her husband came to visit her grandfather before he passed away.

My “Mommom” is my only living grandparent, she’s 92 and lives in Denver. She desperately wants me to fly to visit her (without Avery). First, I live BELOW sea level, the Mile High City makes me physically sick. I hate being there. She’s hard to eat with, which is kind of a big deal. And she hates my dog. Avery and I don’t do the whole rogue sock bin thing. We are a matched set. It’s non-negotiable.

But after talking with my friend I spent hours feeling guilty for avoiding Mommom.

By 10:30am Friday morning both families had canceled all the hours I’d planned to work this weekend.

At noon, my aunt in New York posted photos of Mommom visiting.

By 4:00 pm, I’d made plans for Avery and I to stay with my Super Cuz in New Jersey. I left work at 5, we were on the road by 7, drove through the night, and arrived 17 hours later.

Yesterday, we took the dogs on a pack walk with some other dogs and their people, then went to my aunt’s for dinner.

This morning we took TWO yoga classes; hot vinyasa at one studio, then SC taught cold yoga at another one. It was nice after the lonnnnnng drive up.

Now she’s sleeping before work and I am going to take the train, all by myself, to Penn Station. So I can see the rest of my cousins and spend some more time with Mommom too.


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