Gearing up…

For the long drive home.

Friday night was kind of intense. But yesterday was the most perfect day ever!


Brains and I talked in the morning and agreed to suspend all rules, just for the day, or even just for one bite. That meant, both my rules, and hers. We went to a diner for dinner. One of my cousins is a loose vegan (like me), his three daughters are all vegetarian, and my aunt tries not to eat meat from non-kosher kitchens, so when ALL of them went for the veggie burger as well as another cousin who said it was just that good… I followed suit. They all added fries and the non-vegans added cheese. I asked for avocado on mine and removed the bun and sides. It was huge and, like they said, wonderful! I was very happy with myself. I’m sure it still seemed disordered, because I took it apart and wouldn’t touch the sides. But, truthfully, I HATE French fries, pickles are effing terrifying, and coleslaw is just creepy and gross. I ate the parts that I wanted without being critical. I was proud of myself.

Back at their place, one of my cousins had made a flourless chocolate cake. My vegan cousin didn’t have any, but I decided to stick with our agreement to suspend the rules. It was amazing!!!!I am happy that DB and I had talked, and I felt safe enough to do that.

Before I went to NYC by myself on the train. My cousin and I went to two yoga classes. We took a hot vinyasa together then I took the cold vinyasa that she taught. It was a new experience for me. It’s reallllllly different than Bikram! It seemed more physical, or strength based, maybe. I was not as able to compensate with flexibility and I’m sore EVERYWHERE today! My cousin is such a great teacher though.

We are leaving soon. I can’t wait to come back.


2 thoughts on “Gearing up…

  1. Congrats!!!!! Coleslaw is gross. I have never understood how people eat it. The next time you are in my neighborhood let me know. I have an extra room now, and I promise to not even allow coleslaw into the house.

  2. Hey Teenie –
    I am thinking of organizing a monthly blog carnival through my blog. It would be a collection of posts from yoga blogs around the web. Would you be interested in joining in? Shoot me an email at I want to round up people that are into it and then I’ll send out a group email with more specifics.

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