Feeling squiggley

I had nothing to do today! I was only in class for 6 minutes, and had no kids to baby-sit, STILL no interest in returning to the hot room.

I watched some movies, took a nap, laundry, dishes, played with Avery… Checked my watch, only 2:00!!! I thought maybe I could make a “boredom snack” but we all know that not the best idea, plus I didn’t really have anything interesting anyway.

So I decided to make pasta.

Not boil up a box, but actually make my own noodles. I’ve never attempted to make pasta before. A quick visit to Google it seemed manageable enough. I read that you can use any kind or combination of flour, so I decided to use my lentil flour.


It was super easy, methodical, and time consuming! Perfect for a squiggley day!

Oh. It tasted delicious too! I will definitely do it again!



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