It’s done.
I took my last exam.
I’m officially on summer break and definitely have an completed AA degree.
I should be celebrating! It’s only taken 10 years to get it done.

But I’m home, alone, shades drawn, jammie clad and crying.

The “friend” who always needs help with her homework at the last second is throwing a party tonight. I wasn’t invited.

Last Sunday, I made plans to help a friend move, then take our dogs out to dinner. But her parents helped her finish everything last night, so she decided to go into work today, then crash early.

Carmen complains to me all the time that she never has anyone to do stuff with. But that’s probably because she’s a lousy friend. We make plans, then at the last minute she cancels because she has a headache or is too depressed or stressed to get out of bed. It’s no wonder no one invites her anywhere.

I’m not going to beg my friends to celebrate any thing with me. And I’m not going to go alone, because that’s worse.

So yay! I did it.


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