Luckier than “normal”

Earlier today I told a friend that I couldn’t spend the whole day with her tomorrow because I needed to play with my dog. She said normal people don’t worry so much about spending time with their dogs.

Then, later in the day, Carm invited me to come over to watch tv. But I had to decline the offer because Avery and I were going to the movies.

We took a walk on the beach


Enjoyed a beautiful sunset


Met this plastic dude


Watched the movie


And snuggled under the stars


If it’s not normal to have a dog as awesome as mine, then I’m glad I’m not normal!!!


4 thoughts on “Luckier than “normal”

  1. Awww, lovely day! I thought about going to the moonlight movies but have been avoiding that area lately… looks like no commotions and a good night! Let’s vow to never be normal about our dogs. 🙂

    • I like that plan! I got there at 7, and was able to park right by the pavilion. We walked around for a while then had no trouble finding a place to set up around 8. Next week I will pack a picnic and more clothes. We left early because I got cold.

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