Really really big day!

It could have been the one awesome thing I did for like a month, when, in fact, it was just a tiny little sliver in the amazingness of yesterday.

This happened


For the first time since my accident, I went windsurfing. Please excuse the poor form, I was shaking so much being up there again! But it felt good.

After kayaking with a friend, I noticed a guy struggling with a simple maneuver. I watched for a while and could tell he was getting frustrated. The friend I was with said to go help him. I was worried he’d get mad– not all dudes are ok with being told what to do by girls, especially ones as little as me. But I could tell he was really working hard trying to get it right, so I walked over and told him how to fix it. He gave me a funny look and asked if I knew anything about windsurfing. I said “a thing or two.” And introduced myself. He asked if I wanted to take a ride on his stuff. So I went for it.
It was poorly tuned, and oddly set up, but I didn’t want to act like a snob. I had gotten a new just for fun board right before I left for Texas where I hit my head. It’s still in the packaging at my mom’s. I exchanged numbers with the guy to go out together again some time. I think it might be time to finally take my new board for a ride.


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