Man down!

Avery is sick.

On Wednesday, I was petting her and all of a sudden she jumped up yelped and snapped at me. I didn’t see anything, but asked on Facebook who liked their vet in this part of town.

I have a vet who I LOVE, but last I saw her? She was splitting her time between 3 offices, none of which are close, one is very expensive and the other is a 6 hour ordeal and you don’t get to pick which doctor you see.

I had neither that kind of time or money on Wednesday. One of my friends works at a NFP vet near my new place, and said we could be seen. By the time we got there my dog had a massive welt on her leg.

They aspirated, sent it out, and gave her a steroid and and antibiotic shot.

Thursday, she screamed and the whole thing burst open. So we went back to the same vet. And they have us tramadol.

Friday, Avery screamed for 20 minutes so I took her back a 3rd time. They doubled the tramadol, added a second pain med and said to get back to normal because she seemed depressed.

Saturday we took a short trip to Starbucks.


She got tired really fast and we left.

In the middle of the night Avery screamed like I was beating her and I messaged the my contact at the vet we’d been seeing. She said they had the pathology reports and would email it.

This is what they sent an hour later.



Like I’m supposed to know what all that crap means.

My dog is in extreme pain, and the vet’s office is just saying “don’t come back.” I’m mad. I also think that saying “the pet” in the email is pretty shitty. I was there for several hours three days in a row, they could use “your dog” “she” or “Avery” but “the pet” what the heck. This is my family!

Also, google Affenpinscher

Yes, that is exactly the same as my mastiff @@


3 thoughts on “Man down!

  1. I don’t know what all that crap means either, but! I do know that bacterial sepsis will kill humans, if not taken care of. It flows thru the bloodstream until it affects the heart. Avery should be on an oral antibiotic! That shot, was not enough.

    Concerns me that tho parts of the pathology, sound like Avery’s. It may not even be her results. (4yr old Affenpinscher)?!

    I’ve felt all along, she should have been sedated and that lump, totally drained. That’s why I keep mentioning hot compresses to draw it out. But, from your reaction to when it burst, even IF she would let you, you’d probably freak.

    Don’t be to offended, by “the pet”. My no nonsense vet, years ago, used to refer to my beloved Cairn, Buster as “it”!
    I hope you get better results today, and you both feel better soon.

    • Thank you! There is simply no way to describe how much I love Martina as a vet! We met several years ago at the low cost clinic during a horrifying emergency C-section. I was sitting under the table helping wake up puppies, there was green goo from inside the mother splashing everywhere, the doctor doing the surgery was screaming, all the techs were yelling, it was total chaos, then Martina walked in laughing and goes “oh man! I’m late for the party!” She instantly filled the whole room with this wonderful calmness. We were all rubbing puppies trying to wake them up and she goes “that’s not really working, is it.” And right away started to try something else. She had no idea I was a potential client or anything. Her tech, Amity, slept on the floor in the iso room with my parvo puppies. With Chippy, she understood that I wanted to fight for him for as long as possible, and was constantly doing more research and proposing creative new ideas. A friend of mine was dog-sitting an elderly dog while the owners were on an extended cruise vacation when it became clear that the dog was ready to move on. They tried every vet in town, and no one would do anything. So I sent them to Martina, and she called a meeting with the state veterinary board, got ahold of the owners at sea and found a way to help the poor old guy out. She’s not in anyway arrogant, or entitled and is genuinely passionate about helping animals.

      When we got there this morning, I told the receptionist that we didn’t have an appointment, because I don’t use the phone, and I wasn’t interested in seeing any of their other doctors, but happy to wait or come back later. They said not to worry and saw us right away.

      Avery and I were so thrilled to see she’d brought sweet Amity with her to the new practice. As soon as they walked in, they both reminded each other that Avery is easier to work with if they just let me put her in a “stay” and don’t try to restrain her.

      They drained it again, sent out a bacterial culture, started her on oral antibiotics, and offered to add a 3rd pain medicine. But I said I’d rather treat the actual issue than continue masking it. We all agreed that the extent of the pain seems disproportionate to what we are currently seeing. They did not suggest that I am overreacting, which I felt the other office was doing.

      I feel much better today.

      • I’m relieved and happy for the both of you. Sounds like your dear girl, will be able to heal now. Why the first vet didn’t send her home with oral antibiotics, is beyond me.

        I’m so glad you got to see your loved and trusted friends, to take care of both of you. I know the rare times, mine couldn’t see us, it felt awkward, because, they didn’t know ME. We speak for our kids, and we never want to feel like they think we are overreacting.

        I hope you both, get a good nights rest.

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