Back to business!

I have practiced 3 times since Tuesday.
It feels AMAZZZZZZING! I can’t figure out why I stopped for so long.

My 10 year reunion is in 41 days! Not my high school, that’s in September, but I’m not going. I hardly went to high school and the people I still care about are Facebook friends, so there’s really no point. But my Girl Scout troop that has been more-or-less together since kindergarten is having a separate reunion (we all went to different high schools), and it’s a pool party.

Most of the girls also have eating disorders. It might seem shocking in such a small group, but most of us went to an all gifted middle school, played sports, volunteered often and most of the girls also played instruments… Not me. I got kicked out of music class in first grade for singing “Bingo was his name-o” poorly and have never sang, danced or played music in front of anyone since.


Anyway. We are talking about 50 perfectionists gathering for a bikini party.

I have LOTS of yoga to do to get ready!


2 thoughts on “Back to business!

  1. I had wondered why you hadn’t been going, but was relieved that you weren’t. Thought maybe since your whole routine had changed, in some ways, so had your thoughts.

    A few pics you had posted lately, showed a happy healthy lady. I’m hoping to see more of those.
    Don’t let this reunion prep, get out of hand. You’ve been doing so well.

    I’ve never been to a reunion, but know that folks want to look their best. Strive for that. You know what I mean. The Ericka, of late.

    How’s Avery?

    • Strong, fit and bendy 🙂 a lot of the other girls do Bikram in their own cities, so it’s fun to play around when we get together. You gotta out the work in privately to master the party tricks, right?

      Avery seems to be on the mend. But she’s getting fat from so much laying around. I think she’s starting to waddle.

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