Best. Day. EVER!

We had silent class with just one other student and the teacher. It was blissful! But intense, because you can’t really take breaks when it’s practically a private class! I did all four effing triangles! Freaking nemesis.

Then I got to see RILIND!


He had a friend come ALLL the way from Australia to meet him!! I thought we should make sure they had a really great trip since they came such a long way! So after spending the afternoon with the Fat Man


We had an awesome dinner at Harry’s, followed by moonlight kayaking. The next full moon on Friday the 13th isn’t until 2049! This full moon was called the strawberry moon and it was bright pink when it came up! We even got to enjoy someone else’s fireworks show while we were on the water! They gave everyone light up rings and put glow-sticks on all the boats. When we were done, I took all the pink glow sticks off all of the boats and wore them ALL!


We had dinner, dessert and Hyppo (ice pops) together. Two of my friends joined us, and after we got home our new Aussie friend asked me if all Americans were so strange about food.

Haha. No. All three of us have anorexia.


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