Two Crowns

When G-d finished the Torah he brought it to the Americans and said “Would you like this holy Torah I’ve written?”

And the Americans asked
“What’s in there?”

“It’s the law.” Hashem told them.

“What are some of the laws?” The Americans wanted to know.

“Love your mother and father.” G-d offered.

“No thanks.” Answered the Americans, “We have one day each for that. It’s enough.”

So G-d took his Torah to the Jews and offered it to them.

“How much?” They inquired.

“It’s free.” Said G-d.

“Ok.” The Jews answered quickly. “We will do it. And, we will understand.”

When the Jews preceded “we will do” to “we will understand,” sixty myriads of ministering angels came and placed two crowns upon each and every Jew: one corresponded to “we will do” and the other corresponded to “we will understand.”

I have two crowns.
I understand that today is not my holiday.

It doesn’t mean I don’t still miss my dad.



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