To be fair…

I gave the sailing camp a second chance. The director struck me as the kind of person who wouldn’t put up with nonsense for long, so I gave them the week to sort everything out and went back today….

And boy am I glad I did! She hired a new teacher/coach for the older kids, and he is simply ADORABLE! He’s 19, super passionate about sailing, has wonderful boat handling skills and grew up about 4 doors down from the club, so he REALLY knows the area. We had so much fun working together today.

We have a deaf kid signed up for another week! The director wanted to give a heads up that he was coming, I was like “Hey, I’m fluent in ASL and I know that kid.” There is a small (I think VERY small) possibility that this could turn into a longer term (and paying) arrangement coaching deaf kids. I am uniquely qualified for that!

I legit can’t eat enough though. Today I took Avery for a short run, spent 8 hours on the water, went to yoga, then walked Avery. I physically can not eat that much. I made a (marginal) effort today. I ate a whole avocado. But I’m still about 2000 calories under. I also added coconut water for electrolytes. If I can stay awake long enough tonight, I’m going to roast some chickpeas to pack in my lunch tomorrow.


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