Someone be Excited With Me

I have written many times here of my great love for the Lubavitcher Rebbe. One of his most extraordinary attributes was his unfailing optimism.

This morning, not 5 minutes after receiving the text from the little girl’s mom, I took Avery out to potty, and collected my mail.

Just one letter.

I have been unconditionally admitted to the education program! This, I did not even think was a possibility. Due to timing, and misunderstanding how the test scores were reported, I was told that I MIGHT be admitted on academic probation, but I should very likely expect full denial to the program. Unconditional acceptance was not even on my radar!

Everyone I have told today has expressed sympathy for my job. Not one person has shared my excitement in this VERY BIG step.

Not a single person has been willing to look at this this moment with optimism. I no longer have a job that I didn’t love to begin with, and am officially on my way to a real degree, to eventually land a real job, and maybe, finally have real security.

I want to look at this like The Rebbe. Doesn’t anyone want to be optimistic with me?


2 thoughts on “Someone be Excited With Me

  1. I’m VERY excited for you! I must have missed something. I only read, you still hadn’t heard from them.
    What a great way to be accepted “unconditionally ” get it?

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