Anything worth doing…

Is worth doing now.
~The Rebbe

The timing of everything in my life at this moment is amazing.

Sailing camp filled me with a familiar, old sense of passion and excitement. My encounter with Joel, introduced me to his twin sister, with CP, who I immediately suggested should also participate. Her appearance along with the deaf student coming next month shown a small glimmer on my seemingly impossible desire to teach sailing (any activity) to special needs children (or adults), especially deaf ones.

Unconditional acceptance to the education program nullified the ever increasing fear that I would never be given the chance to finish my degree.

I was freed from a job that did not inspire me.

And I am reading this amazing book.

Hmmmm. Accident? I’ll choose to believe otherwise.

I first sent an email to my local rabbi, lamenting that I am once again without a job. And fear that my image gifts are contrary to authentic Jewish living. Sailing, swimming, and yoga are certainly far from modest, and religious families do not own domestic pets. Sports and dogs are what I do best, clearly I am a defective Jew.

I clicked send and began to mull over all of the poor choices and missed opportunities in my life. That job I interviewed for last winter would have been perfect. I once again felt the sting of being passed over for the position. Then thought, the rabbi at that shul had said it was kind of a packaged program, he wasn’t implementing it from scratch. Perhaps another location was in need of the same position? I checked the website.

Turns out the program is owned by Chabad… Which is interesting, because the shul I visited was not a Chabad House. It also wasn’t listed as one of the locations for Florida. And all of the locations listed were several hours away.

So I got to thinking, instead of chasing around this perfect job in imperfect locations, why not just creat this job for myself here, in my own, under served, community.

Immediately, I composed a second email to the local rabbi. In it I pointed out the clear need for a program like that one in our area. As well as how all of my seemingly contradictory attributes fit seamlessly with the leadership of such a program, and asked what it would take to bring it to our area.

I mean, he can only say “no” right? Then what? It’s not as if I’d be any more or less jobless than I am right now.

Also, as I was hitting send, the director of the sailing camp emailed to let me know the deaf camper who was originally registered for one week in July had just signed up for this coming week as well.

When we spoke over the weekend, she had mentioned seeing if the club had the budget to pay me for the week he was attending, which leaves a small glimmer of hope that she might extend that possibility to this week as well. We’ll see.

But I’m not going to NOT go. I don’t know what I’m going to do to take care of Avery and myself. I just know I need to pursue this opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Anything worth doing…

  1. I started reading your blog , as I do Bikram also . As an animal lover too…..Can I send you a Petco Card, for dog food ??

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