Working with kids is fun because they are full of surprises.

We had our kids capsize the 420s today.

(Not my picture.)

Before putting them in the boat, we practiced, over, and over, and over on the dock. We had them line up like they were sitting in the boat and told each one their job. We have one super tiny guy, he’s half the size of our other kids, but very serious and generally quick to follow directions.

Our little dude was in the bow. His job was to release the jib lines immediately.

That smaller sail is the jib.

If you don’t release the jib lines, the boat sails away as soon as it’s upright again.






Guess what!

I dove off the dock to release the lines and bring the boat back to the stunned children that it had sailed away from.

Once we got them back in, I reminded the tiny guy that his job was to release the jib lines (Remember, we had already acted this out several times on the dock).

He looked at at me with these big sweet eyes and said “I didn’t know that!”

Whaddaya do, but laugh, right?


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