Incredible week!

This week has been amazing!
TONS of fabulous yoga, great kids at sailing camp, college admissions meeting, and a really fantastic discussion with the rabbi!

Our local yoga champ went off to Teacher Training, and came back this week! She’s not only an amazing yogi and a friend to everyone she meets… She also SIGNS! Really well! Not like 10 or 20 signs, but totally fluent with a masters degree in deaf education. She taught her first class Wednesday morning and I was there! She didn’t sign the dialogue, that would be super distracting, but it was really really cool having her up on the podium.

Wednesday night, I went back to yoga for my first doubles since my loooooooong yoga break! It was also a stellar class! The teacher for some reason taught mostly from the back of the room, instead of the podium. So I had to keep turning around to see her. At some point, I realized the woman practicing beside me was becoming uncomfortable, she thought I was staring at her. Well, I didn’t really mind that she happened to be in my line of vision, she has an INCREDIBLE practice! But I wasn’t turning around to watch her either. When she caught my eye again for looking at her, I apologized quickly and said I wasn’t staring at her!

Turns out she’s a new teacher! I took her class tonight, and not only is her yoga amazing, her class was kickass too! I apologized again for yesterday, and explained that I was trying to see the teacher, not ogle at her yoga. She was very nice about it.

Sailing camp was so much fun! She isn’t having any volunteers come out next week, because there are only 6 kids signed up. But she said she really wants me to come back for the whole and is going to talk to the commodore about it. Last week 3 of my 6 signed up for more sessions, this week 4 of my 5 added more sessions and the 5th wanted to come back… but we decided not to make that an option, for safety reasons. This week our kids were so excited about sailing, they never even wanted to swim, eat lunch, or play on the playground. Yesterday and today, we got to do some racing with them, and it was a blast!

I might have found a way to combine all of the things I am most passionate about as a means of income beginning in the near future! It will take some work to get going, and I’m still in search of some kind of work until then, and possibly to supplement afterwards too.

I just feel super happy, about everything happening right now.


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