Yoga bubbles

My day didn’t exactly go as expected.
There’s no camp this week, and I still have no job, so I’ve been sticking pretty close to home.

Today, I was going to go sailing with some friends from a launch near camp. We originally planned to meet at 1, so I left home at 10. I was going to stop by, see the camp kids, sail, then go take the 5:30 yoga.

Sailing with friends got pushed back to 4, I spent the whole day at camp, forgot yoga clothes, sailing got rained out, so I went to yoga in my baggies and one piece. Ick.

It was a GREAT class! Even though my attire was less than ideal, it is so much fun taking class from the new teacher who signs.

But here’s the thing. Last week, I got a little sunburnt on one of my legs. I can’t remember now if I’ve written about my crazy tan line saga. Anyway. Last week on Thursday, we were teaching our kids how to get on a starting line so we borrowed a mooring ball and instead of tying off, I just held onto it for a few hours. So, obviously I couldn’t move around much. My crazy tan lines got even weirder and one part of one leg got a whole lot of sun.

I wear Bullfrog everyday, treated it with vinegar as soon as I got home, and have been putting aloe and lotion on every night. I grew up on the beach and am of middle eastern dissent. I don’t burn. I think I was about 6 the last time I even peeled.

This morning my leg had some tiny white dots. After 90 minutes of hot yoga in long board shirts, my leg is full of huge blisters, hurts and I want to throw up. I gave never ever blistered from a sunburn before and it’s scary. I’m pretty sure yoga made it worse. I’m ice-ing it now, and trying to fall asleep.


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