Not mine to fix

I think I’ve mentioned before, we live in a city with 7 bridges. Our river is a BIG deal, and today the city hosted an all day event to celebrate the river.

I heard a local sailing club was going to have a booth there, so I took Avery to check it out. I’m familiar with the club and visited once during an open house. It’s substantially closer than the club I’ve been sailing at, also has a youth program, a pool, and tons more boats.

The people wouldn’t even talk to me. I went back multiple times. For some reason, they looked at me and made a quick judgement that I wasn’t worth talking to.

Of course, I came home and cried. I must be too fat. I’ll show them… Blah blah blah. We know how this works.


I stopped it. Whatever happened is their problem. Not mine. I’ve seen my portfolio. I know what I have to offer. If they can’t even be bothered to say “hello” it’s not a program I want to be a part of.


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