First time for everything…

I walked out of the hot room. In 16 years of practicing Bikram yoga, this is the first time I have ever left class completely. There was that one time I got something in my eye, went to the big bathroom to get it out, and finished class.

The sunburn blisters on my leg seemed like they had vanished. I just had some little white dots there. As my body began to heat up in class, the white dots started to grow, then burst and bleed. I felt fine, physically, but I knew that the heat was causing that to happen… And I think we’ve pretty well established that I can’t deal with blood.

So I walked out. The teacher followed me, and I told her my leg was bleeding and I had to lower my body temperature but I wasn’t sick or in danger. I stayed where she could see me in the window, even though I really wanted to go take a shower to cool off.


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