She signed in class!

Anyone who has a Facebook account can easily see that speaking English for a long time doesn’t necessarily equate to proper usage.

The same is true in yoga. I’ve been practicing Bikram for a long long time. I generally get their, there, and they’re in the right place, but when it comes to colons, and semicolon, and split infinitives, I could use a refresher course.

I haven’t actually heard the dialogue in years. I know what to do and stuff… Most days I’m even fairly competent. But I know I’m missing things, which can make improving slower.

Having a teacher who signs is cool, just because she’s used to interacting with deaf people. She doesn’t sign the whole dialogue in ASL (nor would I want her to, distracting for others!) but she gestures a lot, in ways that are clear, and big enough to see without looking around too much.

Reading lips is tiring. It takes up energy that I need for my yoga. Usually, by the floor series I have to choose between listening to whatever the teachers say during the savasanas or using my 20 seconds to recharge and get ready for the next posture.

Today she signed corrections for me, and the little tips between the postures. It was SOOOOO COOL!

We had a really awesome class too! Every single person did every single posture! Even all four triangles! There was a first timer behind me. When she started looking like she wanted to die or kill someone, I grinned and gave her thumbs up. On the floor, I made funny faces during all of the transitions to make her laugh. It was fun.


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