Lots of doubles!

It’s baaaaaaaaack! The return of Doubles Monday, followed this week by the slightly less official doubles Wednesday!

I feel awesome!

Yesterday, I took the 5 and the 7. The 5 was pretty full with lots of my favorite yoga buddies. The 7 only had three people! The other two were brand new too! Smaller classes are always more difficult, because of the whole group energy thing.
This tiny class became even more challenging: I like to change sides when I do a double, since I look at the teacher a lot, it evens things out. So I was the first one there and set up on the right. The others set up side by side on the left. After the first set of half moon, I picked up my stuff and moved closer to them. I don’t like to be on the ends, front or back, because I watch the people around me for timing. It was a tough class. The new people needed a lot of help, and I was totally warmed up and ready to push. The teacher ended up moving her mat between them and kind of practicing with them, and I just did my own thing.

All classes are opportunities to grow and I had fun, so it’s all good!


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