Don’t bail!

Sunday night I was having a great time playing games at my mom’s and ended up falling asleep there, so I had to drive back up before work yesterday. I didn’t have breakfast, or drink enough water, and I was beyond exhausted.

I barely made it through the first class but forced myself to stay for the second. I argued that even if I just did the breathing and nothing else, that’d be better than no second class.

I did the breathing and didn’t die. Then I made it through half moon, them the rest of the warm up series. I just kept going and going and ultimately had a kickass class! It was shocking and awesome!

The new teacher who signs taught the second class. She came and sat by me and explained all of the things that I miss during the floor series when I can’t see the teachers. I learned SO much! It was awesome! She is teaching both afternoon classes today. I’m going to take MORE doubles!


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