Yoga with a broken foot

I fractured my first metatarsal three weeks ago… Ok well, actually, that’s more like a well educated guess, because I hate doctors and have crappy expensive health insurance that I can’t afford to use. But after talking to people with a lot more education and expertise than myself, all came to the same conclusion. It’s fractured and like broken toes, doctors can’t do anything about it, and I don’t take prescription pain meds, so why bother.

Anyway. I’ve been resting, and icing, and Friday morning the swelling and bruising were down enough that I could see and just kinds pulled everything back into place.

Saturday I was babysitting at yoga and told the teacher about it when she asked why I’d pooped out on our challenge. She said to give it a try, just do pranayama, maybe half moon, them lay down and wait for the floor series.

She was teaching again this morning, so I went back and did exactly that. It hurt more than I expected. It feels mostly okay while I’m laying around, I can take the dog out, drive… It’s all tolerable.

I did the breathing, by half moon my foot was starting to hurt a lot. But, I went into the first part of awkward anyway. I wanted to push through to the one legged postures.

I hit Red light pain, immediately.

So, since we’d already agreed not to push, I stopped and waited for the floor series.

Laying in Savasana started to hurt, because the way you’re supposed to stay with heels together and toes out was putting too much pressure on it. Since I’m short, I rolled up the extra length of my mat, to elevate it a little and add some extra cushion.

I did everything on the floor, except camel. Which kinda blows because that’s my favorite. I gave it a try, but it was way too much pressure on the top of my foot, that made me see stars and want to throw up. I felt things pop and move too. It was scary and gross! I skipped second set.

I didn’t try to modify or accommodate or work around it in any way. My whole body is askew from favoring it and, I figured doing as much as I could as properly as possible would help realign and feel better.

After class, the teacher asked what I thought. I said it was frustrating. It’s hard to lay there, SO CLOSE, watching other people do something you love. But it was a good exercise in listening to the body, staying in the moment, all that stuff they like to talk about.

I was still sweating. I still got some activity, which is excellent, because I’ve been going nuts laying just around.

Plus, I did yoga with a broken foot… that’s kinda badass.


One thought on “Yoga with a broken foot

  1. I’m impressed!!!! I broke the largest toe bone in my pinky toe this summer and taking three weeks off was soooo hard. I know how hard it is to be in class and have the self control not do things when your injured.

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