I took the boat back to the yacht club today, and finally got to meet the decision-make-lady.

Remember I took little kids racing this weekend, at an event that was only children new to racing. It was supposed to be a FUN thing.

She asked how it went and started to tell her “It was SO cool! We had the bes…”

But she just rolled her eyes and cut me off. “I don’t care. How did they do?”

“They did great! They all learn…”

“NO! Did. They. Win!?”

Ouch. Is that all we care about? They’re just kids. Anyway, I gave her the results, and told her again what a great time the kids had. They are all totally addicted now, and can’t wait to race again. There’s another race near by next month. We all really want to go. It involves camping and a haunted boat ride.

And she got MAD at me!

These kids are never using the boats again! They must be members. No one is going to the camping regatta. You can just forget the whole thing. She also implied that should probably become a member too.

Right lady. I can barely feed my dog half the time. There’s no freaking way I’m joining a yacht club. Especially one that’s an hour and 20 minutes from where I live. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not gonna happen.

I’m crushed. We had such a great time, and were so excited to do more.

It doesn’t make any sense. It’s NOT a kid friendly club. There’s no pool or “camp” or any typical yacht club things. No same parent is going to but their 8 year old a full priced membership to a glorified bar. A bar that has ironically poured thousands and thousands into a brand new youth fleet, but refuses to create a reasonably priced youth membership.

They’ve also arranged to lease a small fleet of 420’s, but won’t let anyone sail them… Because the club doesn’t own them??? Basically, it’s like they have $24,000 lawn ornaments.

Seriously. It’s a yacht club. It’s a place for people who are passionate about sailing to gather and share that feeling. It kinda seems like anyone who actually loved something would want to help make it accessible to the children, who will eventually have to power to grow the sport.

Why pour tons and tons and tons of money into something… That no one can use.

It’s dumb. And frustrating.


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