White Flag

Ok. Ok. Ok.

I was wrong. They were right.

I went to services last night. The rabbi kept talking about how important the fast is and listing all these guys who died to observe it. So I cried… A lot.

During the service, you keep stoping to beat your chest and repent for all the things you did during the past year. It’s a list there on the page, you don’t make it up. And one of them is “for the sins I have committed by eating and drinking.”

After 3 hours, I realized I could only hear one voice inside my head, it was not my own, and far from holy. The longer I stood there, the louder it got.

So I left. In the middle.

And I’m not going back today. I’m not trying to eat the rabbi’s way… Honestly, eating anything at all will be a feat.

Instead, I’m going to spend the day with Avery, at the beach.


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