Dog spelled backwards

I didn’t go back to services.
I went outside with Avery.
We went to a doggie festival and the farmers market.


I tried golden kiwi for the first time. It’s sweeter than the green kind and not hairy. I love it.

I tried the big smooth kind of avocado. Those taste just like enormous regular ones. I couldn’t tell much difference.

I also got a pomegranate. I’ve never tried that either. Actually I’ve never even tried anything pomegranate flavored… The fact that you eat the seeds really weirds me out. But a long time back I had a long discussion with the Bishopzin about pomegranate and pomelo, so I have one of each for dinner with her tonight.

I’m eating. It’s not enough, but I am trying. That’s the best I can do.


3 thoughts on “Dog spelled backwards

  1. Our best is pretty much the best any of us can do, so you’re doing fine. And the big, smooth-skinned ones are watery and tasteless, I think. Stick with the bumpy ones.

  2. I agree, the smooth avocados are not as good. Although I have noticed the avocados this year are very subpar in general.

    And as for the eating… My favorite saying from bikram applies nicely I think: do the best you can with the body you have today.

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