Fun to frightening

Avery and I have had a very busy weekend.

She decided to go swimming at the crack of dawn yesterday.


I gave her a bath, and took her to yoga day at the art market. They didn’t have any more yellow kiwis. So I was kinda bummed. We watched all the people do some yoga.


She came with me to sleepover at a babysitting job. They are two older boys. We had a ton of fun! But everyone was up and wild by about 5:30am.

When we got home, I went and checked out the new Trader Joe’s. Then took Avery downtown for “Yappy Hour.” It’s a monthly dog party, just a little under a mile from where we live.

While we were there, I got a text asking if I could babysit at the last minute, tonight. I’m not really in a position to turn down work of any sort right now, plus the guy reminds me soooo much of my dad, both in looks and personality, that I love pretty much any reason to spend time with him.

So, I said yes, and decided to run home, because I can easily run a mile, and it was about a million degrees outside so I wanted time to shower before going over.

Well. We got halfway, and Avery just collapsed. I couldn’t get her up for anything. I texted the people that we were stuck laying on the sidewalk downtown. They came and got us and took us the rest of the way home.

Avery ate some ice, and now she’s sleeping. I’m really worried about her.



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