No Thank You

Most days, I like Publix.
I like shopping there, because it’s not Wal-Mart.
They really do go out of their way to be friendly and helpful.

But there are limits.

If I say “no thank you” when asked if I need help, it does not mean ask me again in 4 seconds, and again 2 minutes after that.

I have a really hard weekend coming up- back to back to back jobs until Sunday night. That means no meals at home, eating in unfamiliar environments, with people I don’t know well… All kinds of variables that I can’t control.

I could just wait until Monday to eat. But DB nixed that. She said to “pack a plan.”

That’s how I ended up at Publix.

I didn’t need help. I was thinking. I was just standing there, looking at the vegetables trying to come up with a plan that:
* I could pack in a lunchbox
* Would keep while working outside all day
* Would feel safe to eat in front of others
* Would pass DB’s “healthy, balanced, adequate” test

I needed spinach, and the lady had just parked herself right in front of it, asking over and over if I needed help.

I needed her to move and leave me alone!

I couldn’t tell her I needed the spinach. I was at the grocery store, holding a shopping basket and buying food. But I couldn’t tell her that. I couldn’t admit to her that I was going to buy spinach.

So she just kept asking, and I kept standing there. Then I left and went back a few times and every time she was in the same exact spot, blocking the spinach and asking if I needed help.

Eventually, I gave up, put everything back, and left to cry in my car.


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