It’s not my fault.
The MV made me do it.

I didn’t eat today.

Or yesterday.


I didn’t tell on myself either.

Uh-oh! Sneaky and restricting.

I just couldn’t do it. I tried. I even packed a lunch and everything. I just couldn’t do it.

The other volunteers ate at the booth. But I just couldn’t. I hate eating with people I know. I hate eating in strange places. I can’t eat with strangers. The thought of taking a great big bite of my lunch, as some stranger walks up to ask a question. Paralyzing.

Not even open for negotiation. It’s NOT happening. I can’t do that. It’s gross.

People kept coming and coming and coming. I was trying so hard to stick to the plan, but it stressed me out too much.

So I gave myself permission to let it go, just relax, enjoy the day, and not eat.

It was awesome.


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