After a busy start to November, I’ve been making it back to the hot room with some regularity. It feels freaking amazing! Yesterday, we had insane weather, lots of storms, tornados, semis blown off bridges. Major atmospheric changes like that seriously screw up my equilibrium. I kept tipping over in class, and even skipped a bow, which is my favorite these days.

Today was sunny and beautiful, but freezing. I took the baby to Toddler Time at the trampoline gym. Since there was enough space, I got us each our own square. She enjoyed sitting in hers while I jumped like a maniac in mine.

When I left her house, I took a run, and also went to yoga after my second job.

I had a really good class. The teacher challenges me at lot. I don’t dislike her, by any means. She just moves around a lot, her mouth is very small and hard to read, and she doesn’t have any tells. Most teachers have something that they do when they say “change”. They may move their head a certain way, or their hand, or pause their movement for a second. She doesn’t have anything! She just keeps right on talking. I get lost a lot, then I feel bad when she says “wait for me” or “stay with me” or “everyone together”. I can’t get lost inside my head when she’s teaching because I have to focus so hard on paying attention and staying with the group.

It was perfect today, exactly what I needed after my hard class last night, and long day. It felt so good.

Now, it’s 2 in the morning, and I’m all amped up on a day full of good exercise. I don’t foresee sleep in my future. 😦


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