It’s no secret, Trikke is right up there with dogs and yoga in my universe. I have ridden and owned a lot of different Trikkes over the years.

It was always my pink t6 that I loved best though. I never expected that. The t6 was designed as a toy for children. There are Trikkes with bigger wheels, air wheels, mixed wheels, disk breaks, electric motors… I’ve ridden all of them. Bigger wheels make for heavier Trikkes. Air wheels have more upkeep, you have to keep them filled, and replace the inner tubes and stuff. I could easily carry the t6 with one hand, and it was always ready to go. It was, in my opinion, the perfect Trikke.

Unfortunately, t6 has been out of production for several years now, and they are not easy to come by.

I got a very sweet email from Trikke Tech corporate office this afternoon offering to search their building for any remaining t6 (preferably pink).

My mom’s next door neighbor GAVE me his Trikke this afternoon. I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s a perfect size for me, but too big for my work kids to ride.

I found a NEW, very affordable t5 on Craigslist and I’m going to pick it up this weekend. My brother also found an older t5 for just $15 near where he lives, and he’s going to pick it up for me this weekend.

It’s all wonderful and uplifting… But still, none of the new Trikkes finding their way to me are t6.

And t6 is the only perfect Trikke.


3 thoughts on “Trikkes

  1. Teenie, I ask you to reflect on your idea of perfection in this world and what it means to you. I’m way older than you, so I get to ask you to do this. And, while we’re at it – I think perfection of a higher order is right in front of you. Just look at how many people – including total strangers – care about how you feel and want you to be happy. You are a loving person. Allow for just a moment the idea that you are also a lovable person.

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