Beets and Bites

The other night a friend asked if I though I’d ever start eating real food, or was I content eating peanut butter and purée forever.

I actually had to stop eating squeezie this summer because… Well, I don’t want to talk about it, but squeezie has been relocated to the same place as carrots, crunchy food, and anything blue- absolutely not negotiable and never ever ever going into my mouth, EVER!

The elimination of squeezie has lead to an interesting new development…


I was looking for foods I thought I might actually eat during the yoga workshop next weekend, and wondered into the land of vegan toddler food… Basically, purée anything, add some flax egg, roll into balls and bake.

Ok, so, it’s still purée and forkless… But it’s not baby food. It has some shape to it and stuff, and I think hope will seem less strange if I pull it out as a snack in front of normal people.

I started with two kinds of bites, plus 1 pancakes because I haven’t made those in a while.


The pancakes are beets! It was my first experience with beets EVER!


They are MESSY!

They are also A LOT more purple than I expected. I had to keep telling myself
Beet red, beet red, the expression is beet RED. These beets are red.
To keep from passing out from the pseudo purple mess all over my kitchen, especially because it was on my SKIN!
* Purple is a little bit too close to blue.

I puréed the roasted beets with spinach and kale. The added greens helped make the color more manageable. I used a mix of lentil and whole wheat flours… I think if I’d used white flour it might have made lovely dark pink pancakes, but who eats white flour? Yuck! The recipe wasn’t vegan, so I replaced the egg with half an avocado, and the yogurt with vanilla coconut yogurt. It called for cow milk and vanilla… Avery helped herself to my bottle of vanilla a while ago and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet, so for efficiency’s sake… I just used chocolate almond milk. The chocolate ended up being the strongest flavor. I guess they are kind of like red velvet pancakes. Of course, I eat them plain… Because that’s how I eat pancakes, but it’d probably be fine with stuff on top too, if that’s how you like your pancakes fixed. *shrug*

I also made sweet potato/spinach/kale bites, and lentil pizza bites.

Both are delicious, manageable, easy to eat… All the things I require for food to be edible.

I’m excited to try making more bites and pancakes.


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