I’m not doing anything

I’m not doing anything wrong. I swear! Following my most recent, cat induced, mega meltdown after spending time with the former roommate.
I PROMISE I have been on the good behavior straight and narrow!

I’ve been eating, LOTS of fresh, healthy, vegan foods. The family I work for in the mornings is always trying to feed me. They aren’t vegan, but they are extremely health conscious. The baby and I love to eat veggies together!

I’ve been having 3-4 small meals throughout the day (this coming from the girl who swore off lunch in the 1st grade!), and I feel great. I stopped running and doing the fitness trail because it’s like 60 degrees here now, and I don’t like being cold! I’ve been taking just 1 yoga class each day, sleeping instead of jumping on the trampoline all night.

I am feeling happy and balanced.

Somehow, all of this joyful eating more and working out less, has produced surprising results….

I started losing weight really fast!


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