Let Down

So far, Champions Weekend has been a big fruity (because we deleted that other F-word, taf backwards, from the dictionary, it no longer exists) bummer.

Class was fine. It was just regular beginning class taught by the dude champion. I know how to keep up with the yoga. Then they did 2 hours of Q and A… That’s the important stuff, that’s where you get inspired and learn new things about your own practice.

Except… I didn’t understand anything. Everyone was really spread out around the room. It was almost impossible to figure out who was talking, half of the people were sitting in front of an open window with the sun setting behind it… You try reading lips on a silhouette, with the sun in your eyes and lemme know how that goes for ya. I tried asking the teacher sitting beside me what posture they were talking about once, she shushed me and said she’d explain later. I asked a guy if he could please move his hand from in front of his mouth while he was talking, he did… But immediately replaced it with the other one. So I put my head down on my knees and cried.

I paid to be there. I love yoga just as much as everyone else in that room today. I deserved to be included and I wasn’t, even after advocating for myself… Which sucks.

Tomorrow is advanced workshop. I texted the owner when I got home tonight and asked if it was too late to cancel for a refund. She promised tomorrow would be all posture work, not talking, and our teacher who signs will be back from vacation too.

I said I’d try.



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