I am lonely.
The film I live with is gone.
All of the families I work for are off for the holiday.
Well, I’m dog-sitting for one family and have the family we live with’s puppy.
But no humans.
I got tired of the New Years weight loss bombardment…. And seeing all of my “friends” having fun.
So I deactivated my Facebook.
Yoga has been weird holiday hours, with only early classes, and I can’t take care of all the dogs and make it there.

I thought maybe I’d ride my Trikke to RAM. The weather is beautiful outside. I showered and went to get ready…


I’m just ALWAYS alone.

If I go to RAM, I’ll just be alone in public.


At least, if I stay home, I can be lonely in private.

I keep trying so hard to fix my life.

But I don’t even know what I’m trying to accomplish. What’s the point, when no one even remembers that I exist. Unless their kids or dogs need something.

I wish I was better at “friends”


5 thoughts on “Alone

  1. My brother-in-law and his wife are hearing impaired. They and me and my wife go to connection church in Arlington and we want to know if you are interested in going. It starts at 10 o’clock Sunday morning

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